Sacred Grove Wellness Spa

Each spa room has beautiful views of the St Vrain River,  colorful aspens and pine forest. 

Our skilled therapists will customize your treatment to your unique needs.

Winter, spring and fall hours spa hours are 9am to 8:30pm, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (with advance reservation).

Other days and hours may be arranged for groups with prior notice. 

We will be expanding our hours for summer!

 ~Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday~ 9am to 8:30pm

(advance reservations recommended).

Treatments range in price from $80 for a 1 hour session, $120 for a 1 1/2 hr,  $145 for a 1 1/2 hr Clay or Seaweed wrap and 

$155 for a 4-hand 60 minute massage (two therapists working on you at once).  

Treatments available will vary daily depending upon which therapists are on staff that day.

Please check out my website at for treatment options and call 303-720-8284 to reserve your much deserved wellness care.

We look forward to serving your wellness needs,

Ciana Grove, owner and spa therapist